Kidstuff<br> inter-mountain kelowna Kidstuff is a new line of ski hill products. The concept is to create a sustainable long term plan to give your ski hill kids centre an edge. It features kid's snow toys and utilizes digital full color banners and custom printing. Some products include: ski school meeting place and level signs, small aluminum ski racks, ski school supplies, ski resort mascot costumes, expand a sign, race gates, training gates, foam characters, kids playground supplies, colourful traffic cones, ski though arches and custom character cut outs. All products are custom, so please call for further information.<br> Aluminum Loading Area Systems<br> Loading Area Systems are made from the highest quality aluminum. Use aluminum maze gates, aluminum corral gates, aluminum security gates, aluminum overhead entrance ways, aluminum sniffle stations and aluminum garbage recycling containers to clean up your ski hill loading area. All loading area systems are interlocking and are a great way to display lift names, ski school entrances, code CSA /ANSI signs or your custom message. <br> Aluminum Garbage & Recycling Containers<br> Aluminum sniffle stations, aluminum garbage cans and aluminum recycling cans are a great way to promote recycling systems for ski hills. Both sniffle stations and garbage recycling containers interlock with aluminum maze gates or aluminum security gates. There is ample room for "Go Green" signs, advertising signs, grooming reports, alpine responsibility code, ski mountain maps or any other ski hill signs you require.<br> Aluminum Ski Racks<br> Aluminum Ski Racks are made custom to meet your ski resorts needs. All ski racks fit shaped skis, powder skis and large snowboards. Ski and snowboard racks come in a variety of styles including: bus ski and snowboard racks, gondola ski racks, gondola snowboard racks, wall mounted ski racks and mountain bike racks. Powder coated ski racks and powder coated mountain bike racks are available. Please call for quotes.<br> Aluminum Benches<br> Inter-Mtn.'s aluminum checker top benches are great for terrain parks, loading areas and at the top of lifts. They've even been used pool side at the beach! Checker top benches and picnic tables are non slip, durable and come in a variety of sizes. Add a sponsorship cutout for sports branding and marketing. Aluminum tool benches for ski areas are available with or without tools and have room for any ski hill signs you want!<br> Aluminum Accessories<br> As the premier supplier of ski area products, Inter-Mtn. has many aluminum accessories to suit your ski resorts onhill requirements. Ladder access gates, banner frames, sign posts, fence posts, the stomper and Magic Carpet cover rollers are all made from the highest grade aluminum or steel. Custom sizes available. Call for quotes.<br> Padding<br> inter-mountain kelowna onhill padding products are custom made with a variety of foam Intermtn thicknesses, colours and styles to choose from. Ski area padding includes: Chairlift seat pads, ski area tower padding, chairlift tower pole pads, snow making hydrant pads, groomer covers, willi bags and chairlift covers. All pads are made from 18 oz vinyl with a cold crack rating of -67 degrees and are RF welded for maximum strength and moisture resistance. Screen printing is available. Please call for quotes.<br> Vests & Harnesses<br> Ski patrol vests, maintenance vests, radio harnesses and are made with heavy-duty zippers and durable 1000 Denier Cordura. One size fits all design with extra long vests available. A necessity for your ski patrol supplies.<br> Catch All Nets<br> Add inter-mountain kelowna catch all nets to your ski area safety supplies. Many types of catch all nets are available including ski poly mesh rope fireman nets, solid red vinyl net, chairlift catch all nets and lift tower netting. ANSI B77.1 standard catch all nets available.<br> Fencing<br> Inter-Mtn. has a fence solution to solve any ski area operations challenge. Everything from cost effective utility tennax fence (plastic fence), polyester event fence, barrier band trail marker, pocket fence and visual barrier fence are available. Our new line of high quality safety fence is great for ski racing or anywhere where safety is number one priority. Full colour fence or an endless banner is ideal for sports branding or marketing. <br> Ski Racing Supplies<br> inter-mountain kelowna carries all or your ski racing supplies! Ask us about our exciting line of speed rated fences for ski racing, ski racing B net, polycarbonate poles, fiberglass poles, fence posts, B net poles for ski racing, drill bits, training whiskers, break away gates, gummy poles and other exciting products.<br> Inflatable Advertising<br> Inter-Mtn.'s inflatable advertising is designed for use in all climates and retains strength years longer then industry standards. Inflatable tents, inflatable arches, ski resort mascot costumes, wind dancers and inflatable animals and inflatable characters are just some options. Inflatable advertising is great for event marketing, sports marketing and sports branding. All inflatable's are UV inhibited and come with a comprehensive 2 year pro-rated warranty.<br> Fall Protection<br> As a proud supplier of Ancam Safety Ltd. Inter-Mtn. supplies RAM fall protection systems to ensure safe tower climbing. Also available are carabineers and fall arrest harnesses that make it easy for the user to climb and descend with full use of the hands.<br> Skimat<br> Enhance a loading area using Inter-Mtn.'s skimat or snow tiles. Skimat comes in 1m x 10m rolls is low maintenance and requires minimum snow. Skimat is ski and board base friendly.<br> Load Boards<br> A must for any Loading Area System, polyethylene load boards make it easy for guests to see where to load the chairlift. They also help maintain ramp elevation and can be mounted to structures and used where snow depth is shallow.<br> Snow Tubes<br> Inter-Mtn.'s snow tubes are manufactured with the finest and most durable materials available. Snow tubes are added fun for any ski resort! They are available in a variety of colours with screen printing available. Choose from hard bottom snow tubes, soft bottom snow tubes or textured snow tubes.<br> Snow Hose<br> As the premier supplier to the snow resort industry, inter-mountain kelowna snow making hose is no exception. This urethane lined hose has less friction and therefore produces more snow then regular snow making hose. It fits almost any snow making hydrant with different lengths and widths available. Call for quotes.<br> Rope/Bamboo/Rope Markers<br> A must for ski racing supplies or ski patrol supplies, propylene rope, rope markers and bamboo can be used throughout the ski hill. Inter-Mtn.'s bamboo is vinyl wrapped then taped from top to bottom and comes in a variety of different colours including tiger striped. Poly rope comes in different widths, lengths and colours to suit all operational needs.<br> Igloo Moulder<br> Build an igloo or even an igloo village using one or more Igloo Moulders. They are fast and easy to assemble and reusable for many seasons. Igloo Moulders are available in different sizes. Please call for quotes.<br> Mountain Bike Accessories<br> inter-mountain kelowna is the premier supplier to the snow resort industry. Many of our products can also be used for the mountain bike season. Make your bike park shine using our aluminum loading area systems like: aluminum maze gates, aluminum corral gates, aluminum security gates, aluminum ski racks, aluminum benches, aluminum sniffle stations and aluminum recycling/garbage containers. Polypropylene rope, barrier band and carsonite posts are a great way to mark trails and obstacles.<br> Promotional Tents<br> Promotional or marketing tents are a great way to give your brand greater exposure. Inter-Mtn.'s expand a tent, jumbo cabana, collapsible tents and pop up displays are a portable way to take your tradeshow marketing materials with you. Inflatable tents are also available. Call for quotes.<br> Magic Carpet<br> As original conveyor belt experts for the winter sports industry, Magic Carpet Ski Lifts are the industry leaders in conveyor surface lifts. Magic Carpet conveyor lifts are manufactured in Denver, Colorado, US. They are a multi application lift that is great as a tubing lift in tube parks, a beginner ski lift or as ski lifts for the disabled. Magic Carpet Ski Lifts is also known as Rocky Mountain Conveyor and Equipment (RMCE).<br> Onhill Signage Systems<br> Inter-Mtn.'s onhill signage systems are complete Ski Resort sign systems used for ski school signs, ski hill grooming boards, aluminum ski hill signs, ski hill operational signs, chair lift signs, conveyor lift signs, ski mountain maps and any other outdoor recreational signs you need. Our on hill signage is available in a variety of sizes and styles like reflective ski hill signs, vinyl decals and sandwich boards. We also custom make sandblasted signs, hand carved wood signs and interpretive signs.<br> Lift Signs<br> Inter-Mtn.'s ski area signs meet Canadian Safety Authority code. They are durable and easy to understand. We make CSA Z98 ski hill signs and ANSI B77.1 ski hill liability signs. In addition to compulsory signs, we also make custom ski area signs such as the alpine responsibility code applied to aluminum or any other substrate you want! Inter-Mtn.'s ski area signs are all made in house, so ask about custom modified lift signs that compliment the required CSA Z98 ski hill signs and ANSI B77.1 ski hill signs.<br> Risk Management<br> Inter-Mtn.'s risk management signs are of the highest quality. They are made from 12 gauge sign grade aluminum sheeted with reflective vinyl and high performance vinyl graphics. Ski patrol signs, ski area boundary markers, cautionary avalanche signs, ski mountain maps and mesh banners and vinyl banners are some of the different risk management options we provide. As the premier supplier of ski area signs, we can make anything you need! Please call for custom ski area sign quotes. <br> Freestyle Terrain<br> Used at the entrance to your terrain parks, lift lines, etc., freestyle terrain signs are a great educational tool for riders! Terrain park signs include the Canadian Freestyle Liability and American Freestyle Liability signs as well as Burton snowboarding signs or the Burton Smart Style System. Ask about freestyle terrain signs to meet your OSHA state policies/laws.<br> Winter Adventure<br> Let us make your winter an adventure! Inter-Mtn.'s signage systems can be customized to fit any ski area. Not just alpine signs, we have snow tube park signs, skating signs, nordic signs, snowshoe signs and cross country signs. Inter-Mtn.'s ski area signs are all made in house so we can make any outdoor recreational signs you need.<br> All Season<br> We specialize in trail head signs, sandwich boards, digital full color banners, custom printing and graphics, parking signs, summer signs, interpretive signs, promotional materials, mountain bike liability signs, sandblasted golf Intermtn signs and mountain bike trail marker signs. Inter-Mtn. is the premier supplier of all season resort signs so we'd be happy to help design a solution to your operational challenge! <br> Mountain Bike Signs<br> Our mountain Intermtn bike trail markers and mountain bike liability signs come in a variety of substrates like aluminum, coroplast, vinyl decals and magnets. We can make any outdoor recreational signs you need including Inter Mountain mountain maps and the mountain bikers responsibility code! Check out our line of carsonite posts that work well as mountain bike trail head markers. We manufacture mountain bike racks and have all sorts of mountain bike accessories such as fencing, rope and security gates. Have an event? Try any of our banners or flags for your mountain bike event marketing. Please call for custom quotes.<br> Custom Signs<br> Inter-Mtn. is the premier supplier to ski resorts, nordic centers, corporate advertisers, festivals and events. Our ski area signs, way finding signs, ski mountain maps, grooming boards, vinyl decals, sandwich boards, aluminum letters, full colour printing, digital full color banners, sandblasted wood signs and hand carved wood signs are all made in house and are manufactured with only the highest Inter Mountain quality products. Inter-Mtn. sign systems are fully customizable and 100% guaranteed. Whatever you need our design team can help. Please call for further information.<br> Expand a Sign<br> Inter-Mtn. is the proud representative of Expand a Sign portable instant advertising. Expand a sign is a innovative product used for event and sports marketing, sports branding, marketing tents, pop up displays and tradeshow marketing materials. It comes in many different shapes and styles including: flying banners, folding A frames, feather banners, wing banners, expand a disc, 3D towers, marketing pop up tents and 3D promo shops. Expand a Sign ensures your message always visible at any event.<br> Golf Course Signs<br> inter-mountain kelowna manufactures durable, quality on course signs for golf courses. Logo and image design, entrance signs, golf course hole design, custom golf course maps, golf tee markers, golf directional signs, range banners and flags, clubhouse and golf course signs, decals and golf course events and marketing items. Please call for details. <br> Inter - Mtn. Testing Ltd. specializes in NDT services also known as non-destructive testing. We have engineer certification and meet CSA and WCB code requirements including: WCB 14.71, WCB 13.109, WCB 31.37, WCB 31.33, CAN 48.9712 and NFPA 19.32. Our technicians and engineering specialists are Canadian General Standard Board (CGSB) certified. Intermountain does a variety of NDT inspections including: wire rope testing, ultrasonic testing, mines testing, tower crane testing, aerial ladders testing, boom lift testing, fork lift testing, mobile crane testing, slings and rigging testing, grip and hanger testing, ground ladder testing (hardware test, horizontal bend test and roof hook test), ladder trucks testing, thickness testing, lifting equipment inspections, rigging inspections, aerial bucket testing, telesquirts testing, aerial cable ways inspections, tram inspections, ski area testing, ski resort testing, chairlift testing, crane and aerial lifting devices, aviation industry testing, bridge inspectors, elevators inspection testing, forest industry inspections, marine industry testing, power generation inspection and steel fabrication-foundries inspection. Inter mountain has a variety of testing equipment that meet safety and reclamation code as well as industrial regulations. Electromagnetic wire rope testers and magnetic particle testing techniques are used. We can also do full chair lift tower audits and structure audits, cable cleaning and lubrication and corrosion surveys.<br> Inter-Mtn. Testing Ltd is based in Kelowna British Columbia, BC, Canada and works with Inter Mountain Enterprises Inc. Also known as Inter-Mtn sign and design co, Inter-mtn signs and specialty products or inter-mtn ski products, Intermountain is the premier supplier of ski area products. Take a look at our sign & products catalogue and you will see why we are the best ski area supplier, ski patrol supplier and ski products supplier. Inter-mtn also has a new line of marketing materials for event promotions.<br>
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